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Article 1. Definitions

"Terms of Use" means these Terms of Use of the Site.

"Internet user" means any person, customer, player or not, who has access to the Site.

"Site" means the website with the address, operated by HOOTSIDE.

"Asterix® & Obelix® Game: Vidi Vici" refers to the augmented reality video game published by HOOTSIDE, under the Astérix® & Obélix® licence: Vidi Vici © 2021 editions Albert René / Goscinny-Uderzo.

Article 2. Purpose of the Terms of Use

The purpose of these Terms of Use is to provide a framework and terms of use for access to the Site. These Terms of Use may be modified depending on the commercial and technical environment in which operation of the Site takes place and according to the regulations in force. Any change to the Terms of Use will be published on the Site with a mention of the date of the update.

Article 3. Protection of personal data of Internet users

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Article 4. Management of cookies

The Website may present different cookies that make it possible to store information about the Internet User's equipment or access information already stored. Internet Users have full control of their cookie access preferences via the HOOTSIDE cookie banner available on the Website.

Article 5. Limitation of liability

HOOTSIDE shall under no circumstances be held liable vis-à-vis the Internet User or any third party for any damage, direct or indirect, which may occur in connection with use of the Site, in particular the unavailability of the Site, download times, non-transmission of data, the inaccessibility of the Site, intrusions, piracy of data, software and files contaminated with computer viruses.

HOOTSIDE also cannot be held liable for non-compliance by the Internet User with these Terms of Use of the Site.

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Therefore, the Internet User shall take all necessary measures to ensure that his/her connection equipment enables him/her to use the Site effectively and efficiently. In this respect, the Internet User shall immediately inform HOOTSIDE of any malfunction and/or failure encountered on the Site, of which he/she undertakes not to disrupt the proper functioning.

Article 6. Intellectual Property

The content of the Website is an intellectual work within the meaning of Article L. 112-2 of the IPC.

HOOTSIDE is the exclusive owner of the industrial property rights and copyrights relating to the content of the Site. It holds, on an original basis or by contract with its partners, in particular rights to logos, icons, moving images, photographs, videos, texts, graphics, software, sounds, plans, trademarks, various creations and works subject to protection, databases, etc.

It also owns intellectual property rights over all content displayed on its Site, including the Asterix® & Obelix® Game: Vidi Vici which it is developing. As such, any representation, reproduction or adaptation of all or part of this Site by any means whatsoever and without its consent constitutes an infringement of its rights and is strictly prohibited.

The fact that HOOTSIDE does not initiate proceedings as soon as it becomes aware of these unauthorised uses does not constitute acceptance of said uses or a waiver of the right to take legal action by HOOTSIDE and its partners.

Article 7. Site Management

For the proper management of the Site, HOOTSIDE may at any time:

-	Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the Site, reserve access to the Site or to certain parts of the Site, to a specified category of Internet Users,
-	Remove any information that may disrupt its operation or violate any applicable legislation,
-	Suspend the Site due to updates.

Article 8. Hypertext links

No hypertext link may be created to the Site without the prior express consent of HOOTSIDE. If an Internet User wishes to create, from his/her site, a hypertext link to the Site, and regardless of the medium, he/she must contact and obtain the written authorisation of HOOTSIDE. This authorisation may only be temporary and may be withdrawn at any time, without justification, by HOOTSIDE.

In all cases, any link must be removed at the request of HOOTSIDE.

Any information that may be accessed via a link to other websites is not under the control of HOOTSIDE, which declines any responsibility for its content.

Article 9. Applicable Law - Disputes

These Terms of Use of the Site are governed by French law, regardless of the country of residence of the Internet User, unless otherwise stipulated by the Rome I Regulation 593/2008 of 17/06/2008 or any other assignment of specific jurisdiction arising from a text of applicable law or regulations.

The Internet User has the possibility to use, in the event of a dispute, a conventional mediation procedure or any other alternative dispute resolution procedure. In the absence of an amicable agreement, only the French courts shall have jurisdiction.

Article 10. Contact us

For questions about HOOTSIDE or the Asterix® & Obelix® Game: Vidi Vici presented on the Website, or concerning the Website itself, you can leave a message at the following address: